How to Remove Rust from Jewelry

How to remove rust from jewelry.

Opting for some costume jewelry is a great, trendy way to express your personal style without spending too much money. Although it’s made of non-precious metals, it can look equally elegant, not to mention that it allows you to spice … |READ MORE|

What Metal Does Not Rust?

Stainless steel chain.

The last thing many people want on their metal surfaces is a stubborn build-up of rust. Rust can form on metal if it contains certain elements, like iron, that allow it to corrode and rust quickly. Thankfully, there are metals … |READ MORE|

Does Brass Rust or Corrode?

Detail of the brass pipes of a tuba.

Brass is commonly used in the production of things such as musical instruments, mechanical tools, and decor. It’s a popular choice for many reasons, from the range of colors it comes in, to the aesthetically pleasing look and feel it … |READ MORE|