Best Primer for Aluminum: Top Picks

Using primer for aluminum.

The best primer for aluminum is one that will stick for a long time and stop rust in its tracks. But finding that perfect primer can be a challenge in today’s crowded market. So we’ve done the research for you … |READ MORE|

How to Make Aluminum Shine Without Polishing

Household items you can use to restore aluminum.

More and more products are made of aluminum due to its strength and lightness. Aluminum is a widespread silvery-white metal used to make wheels, cans, window frames, and many more. Given that many automotive and household items are made of … |READ MORE|

How to Remove Sticker Residue From Metal

Metal with sticker residue.

Sticker residue is often difficult to remove, especially if it’s on a metal object. Many stickers leave a residue that will attract dirt and tarnish the object’s look. While you could scrape the residue off, it may damage the metal … |READ MORE|

How to Fix Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes

Fixing pinhole leaks in copper pipes.

Ten percent of homes in the United States have leaking pipes that waste more than 90 gallons of water daily. This loss can translate to more than 30,000 gallons of water each year. Therefore, the earlier you fix pinhole leaks … |READ MORE|

How to Remove a Strong Magnet From Metal

Removing a strong magnet from metal.

Newer types of magnets, especially of the neodymium variety, are so powerful that it’s hard to separate them from the metals they’re attracted to. If you work or play with magnets, you should definitely know how to remove a strong … |READ MORE|