Can You Recycle Rusted Metal?

Recycling rusted metal.

Recycling is an environmentally friendly way to reduce waste, and it can be an excellent way for people to get rid of items or materials that they no longer want in their homes. However, if you have scrap metal that … |READ MORE|

How to Rust Corrugated Metal (Step-by-Step)

Corrugated metal is often designed to resist rusting, which is usually a beneficial feature. But if you’d like to corrode a corrugated metal sheet, this durability can pose a problem. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get your corrugated … |READ MORE|

How to Prevent Rust From Forming on Metal: 10 Methods

How to prevent rusting.

That orange-brown discoloration that appears on metals (particularly iron and steel) is both destructive and unsightly. The rusting process starts slowly, but as soon as it spreads, it can weaken objects and structures and compromise functionality. That’s why it’s better … |READ MORE|

Will Painting Over Rust Stop It?

Will painting over rust stop it.

If you notice that there’s some rust on a piece of furniture or elsewhere in your home, you may want to cover it. You could remove the rust, but you may prefer to paint over it. But you should consider … |READ MORE|

Does Zinc Rust or Corrode?

Zinc galvanized bike racks.

Zinc is a metal. That means it must rust, right? Zinc doesn’t rust, but it does corrode. Rust only occurs in metals that have iron in them, whereas corrosion can occur in many types of metal. Corrosion occurs when metal … |READ MORE|

What Metal Does Not Rust?

Stainless steel chain.

The last thing many people want on their metal surfaces is a stubborn build-up of rust. Rust can form on metal if it contains certain elements, like iron, that allow it to corrode and rust quickly. Thankfully, there are metals … |READ MORE|