Best Lubricants for Squeaky Door Hinges (2023 Reviews)

Squeaky door hinges are not a welcome sound. Thankfully there are many ways to be rid of this sound – and the use of spray lubricants is becoming increasingly popular as it is far less messy and does the job much quicker. But one must keep in mind that there are many different kinds of lubricants available today, and each has its qualities and drawbacks, mainly depending on the application for which it is being used.

The best lubricants for squeaky door hinges are lithium grease and silicone-based lubricant sprays, like:

For any homeowner looking to keep their door hinges in ship shape, it is vital to invest in some good quality lubricants. Ideally, non-toxic and non-staining lubricants are best both for you and for the environment. In this article, you will find a list of some of the best lubricants that you can use to fix squeaky door hinges.

The best lubricants for squeaky doors available in the market today.

Two Types of Lubricants for Squeaky Door Hinge

As mentioned above, two of the best kinds of lubricants for fixing squeaky doors are lithium grease and silicone spray. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages, but they both also tend to do the job. While the lithium grease lubricant is great for harsh weather conditions, silicone based sprays do a much less messy job and can be used for household repair works.

Silicone-Based Spray

Silicone spray can be used for light household projects, while lithium grease is used for more challenging projects, mostly outdoors. These sprays do not leave a heavy residue behind and so are more easy to use and aesthetically pleasing as well. Gently wipe the surrounding areas after the lubricant is used to a squeaky clean surface.

Lithium Grease

Lithium grease, unlike the silicone based spray, leaves behind a thick and sloppy residue, but it is highly efficient in resisting corrosion and the extremities of weather. If you need to repair something that is outdoors, say in a shed or a barn, the lithium grease lubricants are just the ones for your job. They work well in extremely hot and humid conditions as they do in cold weather.

Other kinds of lubricants found in the market include:

  • WD-40 Often used for cleaning metals even though categorized under lubricants.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – another name for Teflon and is similar to the silicone spray but slightly heavier.
  • Graphite Lubricant – more commonly used for fixing jammed locks.

Different Features for Specific Applications

Even though there are various lubricants to be found in the market today, no two kinds of the same product are essentially identical. There are subtle differences that set each of them apart in terms of functionality, application, and of course, the end result.

Some of these lubricants are made to serve multiple purposes, while others are for highly niche jobs. In the list below, you will see how some of them offer greater protection against rust and corrosion while others are more resistant to inclement weather. You may even find that some of these traits and qualities overlap, but each lubricant’s primary function remains distinctive despite any such overlap.

Explore all alternatives and in order to gain a more in-depth understanding, read the FAQ section of the specific products you wish to use to understand how well it suits your needs before you make an investment.

Some of these lubricants are even used for secondary purposes such as degreasing and rust protection, etc. The WD-40 is an example of one such lubricant with other use apart from that of a lubricant.

Best Lubricants for Squeaky Door Hinges

1. DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease

This lubricant is considered to be one of the most weather-resistant lubricants. It is a white lithium grease that is enhanced with Teflon. It has a unique formula that makes it water-resistant and increases its ability to endure extreme hot and cold weather.

This lubricant can be applied to hinges that are constantly exposed to harsh and irregular weather. Door hinges on the exterior of a housing unit or a building will benefit the most out from the DuPont Teflon lubricant.

Indoor hinges are more or less in a controlled environment throughout the year and so using this lubricant for indoor hinges would seem like a waste. You can consider using this lubricant for any work you have outdoors to make the best use of its weather resistant properties. Also, another advantage with this DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease is that it can be used in any weather thus making it a great tool that can be used all year round.

One downside of this lubricant is that it is a tad bit messy to use. The lubricant spray does come with a precision straw, but it is quite difficult to contain the mess even with that. This makes it suitable for outdoor projects and only when it is vital to use a strong, weather-resistant lubricant. Using a messy lubricant indoors will damage the carpets and flooring, sometimes irreparably.

The spray can is packaged with the most straightforward label too. It does not make use of any graphics or unnecessary colors but simply states the features of the lubricant spray, thereby giving it a very practical look in terms of packaging.

2. Permatex 81981 White Lithium Grease

This is an excellent lubricant for fixing the squeaky noise of door hinges inside the house. It can not only be used for metal to metal hinges but can also be effective in metal to plastic lubrication. Due to this particular trait of being especially useful in metal to plastic lubrication, this product is more frequently used in fixing work-out equipment and door hinges.

Permatex is highly resistant to the stress of heat and rust, making it a perfect choice for applying it to your door hinges. It is also resistant to the stresses of moisture build-up and does not fall apart easily. 

If you need something for the regular upkeep of the door hinges around your house, this Permatex is the right choice. Small fixes around the house, such as door hinges, or toys or kitchen appliances that could do with a little touch up will benefit the most with this lubricant.

With lithium grease of any kind, there is always the running risk of staining and having a messy finish, but this can be easily mitigated by using a precision straw when doing the work. Apart from the messy finish, another downside of Permatex is that it is slightly on the more expensive side for a lubricant of its size.

The bottle resembles an air freshener with its blue and white color packaging and is very aesthetically pleasing. The packaging sports the picture of a trailer hitch, but it can be used on multiple other components, including door hinges.

3. WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant Spray

WD-40 is one of the most commonly known manufacturers of lubricants, so much so that the name of their brand is also the name given to their flagship product. It is a kind of silicone spray and is known for its quick-dry action.

This lubricant is non-messy and very easy to use. In addition to lubrication, this product can also be used to coat surfaces in order to waterproof them. It also becomes dust resistant once it has dried. Because of all these qualities, it is a favorite among homeowners and contractors alike as it can be used in a variety of projects around the house, including fixing squeaky door hinges.

Watch the video below to see how you can use this lubricant for door hinges so that they shut easily.

In addition to metal, this lubricant can also be used on other materials such as rubber, plastic, and vinyl. It can also be sprayed on any tool or component. Due to its highly protective nature, the tools and components will stay preserved for a longer time.

WD-40 is a clear formula that has been given the clean chit for use indoors. It may not be as strong or resilient compared to lithium grease, but it does the job fairly well for door hinges.  

The product comes in a metal can. You can store it anywhere, as it does not need any cold and dark place to be stored in. The packaging of the can itself is quite minimally done in tones of yellow and black, but it easily grabs your attention, and the labeling is also kept at a bare minimum that only shares a basic outline of the possible uses of the lubricant. 

4. CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease

This product is made to maintain and upkeep the various nuts and bolts that keep large machinery and automotive running. Since it can be used for small nuts and bolts, it can also be useful in fixing squeaky door hinges. The lubricant is also resistant to rust. This high resistance against corrosion is due to its ability to create a barrier that does not allow moisture to seep in.

CRC uses lithium grease, and so the apparent downside is that a messy residue is to be expected when working with the lubricant. However, on the bright side, it has significantly more longevity when it comes to preservation.

This lubricant can quickly and thoroughly help in lubricating door hinges, but given its highly water-resistant and rust-resistant traits, it can also be used in a more challenging set up such as garage and car doors.

The CRC White Lithium Grease comes in a red and white can that explicitly mentions the two traits that make this product most sought after. It provides long-lasting lubrication, and secondly that it is a heavy-duty lubricant that is especially effective on metal to metal surfaces.

5. CRC 03080 White Lithium Grease Spray

Yet another product that you can use for fixing squeaky door hinges is the CRC Grease Spray. It is much lighter than the previous product, the CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease, mentioned earlier in this article. It is designed for general use and is perfect for your door hinges.

This product was specifically designed for a specialized application to provide break-in lubrication in mechanical bearings. However, it will work just as well for your door hinges.

This product is highly durable, and it provides protection against rust. Its performance does not go down with any sudden or extreme weather changes and can withstand moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Depending on the humidity level and room temperature, this product is relatively fast drying compared to other white lithium grease sprays.

This forte provides lubrication to household door hinges and other such small components that undergo a lot of friction due to frequent use.

Due to its affordability, this product is one of the best choices in the market today that you can purchase and keep for those odd jobs around the house, including fixing the door hinges.    

The grease spray comes in a green and white can oddly resembling a shaving cream bottle, but the green packaging is also very attractive, and the label clearly spells out the qualities of this product that make it so desirable.

6. Star Brite White Lithium Grease Spray

This product from Star Brite is great for repairing squeaky door hinges. It is a heavy-duty lithium grease that can withstand moisture and hence prevent rust.

Apart from door hinges, this lubricant is increasingly used on garage doors, marine equipment, and window frames. Due to the moisture resistance, it is ideal for use on outdoor hinges.

The formula is also heat resistant making it highly durable when used on door hinges outside. It is also ideal for removing rust from any surfaces of metals where rust may have inadvertently formed.

This Star Brite product has a long-lasting surface protection formula that will ensure that your door hinges remain protected for a long time and get rid of those pesky squeaks. The can comes with an extension tube that makes it possible to spray the hidden and hard to reach corners.

In case you are planning to transfer the contents to another portable container, exercise caution while doing so. This product is composed of Acetone and Heptane – both of which are high-pressure gases and must be handled with care.

It is minimally packaged in a can with grey, white and yellow labeling drawing the customer’s attention to its main trait of being a multi-purpose lubricant that is water and heat resistant.

7. LiquiFix Lubricant Non-Toxic, Food Safe & Zero VOC

Unlike other silicone sprays, the solvent in this particular product does not evaporate quickly. Since the spray is non-toxic, it is okay if it stays on a bit longer. In fact, letting it sit longer on affected surfaces ends up providing superior protection to the surface.

Due to its versatility, this product can be used on a number of tools and parts of bigger machinery, including door hinges. It can also be applied to a range of other small tools used regularly around the house.

The lubricant helps in reducing the friction that causes the squeaking of the hinges. It also does not affect the air quality in the house since its natural antimicrobial prevents contaminants from gathering on the metal surfaces, making it safe to use in indoor spaces. As the lubricant is extremely safe for use, you can apply it to fix the hinges around electrical boxes, oven doors, and even stove knobs.

The greatest unique selling proposition of this product, apart from the fact that it does the job well, is perhaps the almost negligible level of VOC in the product, making it incredibly safe for use around pets and children.

The only downside is that the product does not have an extended pout to spray the lubricant in hard to reach places. Although with a bit of resourcefulness, this can be mitigated – simply take a long and thin stick and douse it in the lubricant before using the stick as an applicator for those hard to reach spaces.

The product comes in a yellow and white bottle with a prominent spray nozzle and trigger handle resembling a disinfectant spray bottle. However, if you read the label on the bottle, you will see that it mentions the key qualities that make this lubricant stand out – odorless, strong, and safe.

8. Gasoila Free All Rust Eater Deep Penetrating Oil

This lubricant is also a protector and can be applied on door hinges to prevent it from squeaking. The lubricant has deep penetrating oils that help reduce friction on surfaces. It is commonly used on screws, pipe connectors, and bolts. It is ultra-viscous and has a low evaporation rate, but that helps free up any rusted layer off the metal.

It is a silicone-free oil and can be applied on all surfaces, including painted surfaces, without causing any damage. It has a formula that helps break down rust and rust stains on old industrial and automotive machine parts. It can safely and effectively be used on door hinges, therefore.

One of the downsides of this product is that it cannot be used in rusted door locks, but apart from that, this product can be used for more or less any other kind of surface and tools, including door hinges.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this product is not to be used on electronic panels. It has not been designed for use in such spaces, and applying them on surfaces such as electrical panels, and oven doors may not be safe.

The product comes in a basic looking can that is color blue and white and looks a lot like an air freshener. The front label clearly and prominently guarantees that this lubricant is useful for freeing nuts and bolts.  

9. Liquid Wrench GR014 White Lithium Grease

Made of a formula that is primarily effective in breaking down rust, this product is suitable for application on delicate parts of metal surfaces that are sensitive.

Door hinges that endure constant friction on a day to day basis is one example of a surface where this grease may be applied. The product is also used on automotive and parts and components of larger tools. 

The formula of this product is designed to prevent corrosion. When applied to door hinges, it will remove the annoying squeaky sounds and extend the longevity of the door hinges.

Antiwear additives help in the removal of rust in lubricants. It also has anti-contaminant properties that help prevent the accumulation of dust and other contaminants on the surface it has been applied to. The formula also contains anti-oxidation inhibiting particles, which prevent damage.

This is another example of an all-purpose lubricant and can be used from door hinges to automotive parts to fixing heavy machinery. The grease will remain on the surface and protect the surface from wear and tear; it will not wash off from the surface, nor can it be wiped out from the affected metal.

One major downside from an aesthetic point of view is that the use of this lubricant may leave a residue that resembles a white-out coat on the surface it has been applied to. This may not look aesthetically pleasing, but if the white-out can be integrated as part of the décor by using creative home décor ideas, this minor issue can quickly be resolved.

The product comes in a tube and resembles a lot like a toothpaste tube. The labeling is kept simple with black and white colors and a spot of red and blue. The key traits of this lubricant are conspicuously written on the label – reduces friction, long-lasting, does not freeze, melt or run; it is a rust inhibitor and provides heavy-duty lubrication.

10. Andy’s Super Oil

This comes in a pack of two where you get to pay only for one. With this lubricant help, you can keep all your door hinges working in tip-top shape and without any squeaky sounds. In addition to door hinges, this spray is also used for repairing old rusty gardening tools.

Andy’s Super Oil Spray is made up of a formula that optimizes viscosity and inhibits corrosion. It forms a protective layer on top of the surface it is being applied to, thereby repelling any moisture and keeping the metal surface dry. 

This lubricant is made up of deep penetrating oil, which helps in inhibiting friction. Due to this one particular trait, heavy traffic areas around the house that otherwise have door hinges that see constant friction will be able to function more smoothly as they become more robust in tackling the friction coming their way.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you must apply the lubricant frequently in order to keep friction and squeaky noises out of your door hinges.

In a bright blue and red bottle, this lubricant is not easy to miss in a supermarket.

Lubricate Your Hinges With the Right Product

Even though the options seem endless, the best choice from these options will depend mainly on the project you have at hand. This is because each lubricant is designed to be suited for a particular type of application. For the door hinges at home and outdoor hinges, a silicone spray will do the job well.

One exception to outdoor hinges, the garage doors, are better served with lithium grease. You will only need to ensure that you avoid spraying the oil on the garage door’s rollers, especially if the rollers are made of nylon. 

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