How to Stop Rust From Spreading on a Car

Rust spreading on a car.

Natural elements and artificial forces, including snowfall, sweltering heat, and road salt, can take a toll on your car’s metal, creating the perfect conditions for rust. When rust sets in, your vehicle may degrade and lose value if left unchecked. … |READ MORE|

Is It Illegal to Sell a Car With a Rusted Frame?

Selling a car with a rusted frame.

Most people buy used cars instead of brand new ones, saving significantly on nice-looking, low-mileage vehicles. Unfortunately, individuals or dealerships are not always honest and may purposely withhold information on any known issue with the car. If your newly purchased … |READ MORE|

Can You Paint Over Clear Coat?

Painting over clear coat.

Clear coats are used to protect your paint job and to make it shine. Clear coats can be used on any color paint job and are especially important on metallic paints. You can paint over a clear coat, but you … |READ MORE|