Best Rust-Proof Shower Curtain Hooks (2023)

Have you ever been disappointed with the shower curtain hooks staining your curtain with rust? Finding truly rust-free hooks that glide smoothly and match your bathroom décor isn’t easy, but if you know what to look for and what to avoid, you can find the right hooks. 

The best rust-proof shower curtain hooks are made of stainless steel plated with chrome or nickel. Plastic is also a good choice if your curtain isn’t heavy and you don’t have a busy bathroom. Hermosa Collection, mDesign, Maytex, Amazer, LIHAO, and Moen are reputable brands to consider.  

In the rest of the article, we’ll take a look at a few of the best rust-free shower curtain hooks on the market. We’ll outline their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision. We’ll also tell you what to consider when choosing shower curtain hooks.

Best rust-free shower curtain hooks on the market.

1. Hermosa Collection Luxury Shower Curtain Hooks

Hermosa Collection hooks have a unique and high-quality design that matches any bathroom décor. The chrome finish on the silver makes them rust-free, long-lasting, and stylish. They’re also very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth.

The package comes with 12 sleek hooks that hold up any kind of material from plastic to linen. Each hook has a ball at the end to give you a seamless hang and easy slide. So, if you want to give your bathroom a modern and contemporary style with robust material, this is the one for you.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek and stylish


  • The hooks come off occasionally
  • The ball carrying the curtain is heavy

2. mDesign Shower Curtain Hooks

These hooks are made of high-quality textured plastic with a rust-free design and a sturdy, smooth pull. You can install them easily by snapping the hooks around the buttonholes. They have an expensive look that gives your bathroom a luxurious feel. Plus, the plastic doesn’t make the clinking sound that comes with metal hooks when you open and close the curtain.

They come in packs of 12 in three different colors: bronze, sand, and brown, letting you match your curtain hooks with your bathroom background.


  • Sturdy
  • High-quality plastic
  • Easy-to-pull
  • Different colors


  • Some hooks are difficult to snap
  • Reports of defective hooks in the box

3. Maytex Metal Shower Ring

These classic design loops made of rust-resistant metal are great for all curtain materials. The best thing about them is that they easily fit on 2-inch-diameter rods. So, they’re super easy to slide with most curtain poles. And you can install them in minutes.

You can clean them with just a damp cloth. Each loop comes with a hinge that clasps quickly and shuts securely. The hooks come in a 12-ring package with chrome-plated steel. 


  • Classic design
  • Wide diameter
  • Easy to clasp hinges
  • Strong packaging


  • Complaints of corrosion in under a year

4. Amazer Curtain Rings

These double hooks have a unique design that holds the shower curtains and the liners simultaneously. So, when you want to clean the liner, you don’t need to remove the curtain. The rectangular hooks keep the curtain from falling off when you remove the liner and tilt the ring.

The spherical balls give you effortless and friction-free gliding with strong brass and pure stainless steel that endure high humidity bathroom conditions. What’s more, the chrome finish gives them an elegant and corrosion-free look guaranteeing no rust or snagging.

The balls are super easy to attach to the grommet hole and don’t come off easily. The installation is hassle-free, and you can easily remove them to wash the curtain. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Double hooks
  • Hold very well around the rod
  • Easy to clean


  • No major complaints from the buyers

5. Moen Shower Curtain Rings

These rings go with most types of shower curtains and rods. They have snag-free ball bearings with a versatile design that fits both the curtain and the liner. They come in three stylish finishes, namely chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze. You can use whichever one that better matches your bathroom’s look. 

They hold against the regular pull and push and even getting yanked by teenagers and children. So, they’re an excellent choice for busy bathrooms. 

With this design, the curtain hangs lower than the liner, giving your bathroom curtain a seamless look.


  • Tug-free pull
  • Beautiful and innovative design


  • They don’t go through some metal grommets

6. Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain Hooks

These rust-free hooks are 100% chrome-coated steel. The shiny look makes them ideal if you’re looking for an elegant design. They’re dual hooks with roller balls on the top that make gliding super smooth and separate the liner and the curtain. They come with a latch adjustment mechanism that makes them hassle-free and 100% safe.

The package contains 24 non-magnetic rings of 69×39 mm. They’re heavy-duty and stay on the rod when you open or close the curtain.


  • Slide quietly and easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Stay in place


  • Not large enough to cover the curtain holes fully

7. LIHAO Rustproof Shower Curtain Hook

Made with non-magnetic stainless steel and plated with polished chrome, these hooks give your bathroom an expensive appearance. The balls allow for an easy glide, and the material is rust-free. They’re also very easy to open and close.

They give a unique ornamental appearance to your shower while being highly functional and durable.  

The manufacturer claims the hooks improve your shower curtain’s lifetime. And they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty for potential defects. 


  • Affordable price
  • Slide effortlessly
  • Easy to install


  • Pressure can bend the hooks

How to Choose the Right Shower Curtain Hooks

Choosing the perfect shower curtain rings may not seem like a big deal. But hooks falling off the rod or rusting and staining the curtains can be quite unsettling while you’re taking a shower. So, you need to choose wisely.  

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying shower curtain hooks.

What Style of Hook Is Better?

Shower curtain hooks come in various designs and styles. Depending on the curtain’s material, you can choose any one of the following styles.


They’re simple, hassle-free, and fit almost all rods and curtain types. They have basic functionality and close at one point with a clasp. 

Most of them are made of metal, but strong plastic is also a common material. 

Some circular hooks come with extensions instead of clasps. So, instead of closing the ring itself, you clasp the extension.

S-Shaped Hooks

These are classic hook designs looking like an S with the upper part bigger than the lower. The curtain goes into the lower part, and you hang the upper part over the rod. 

They’re easy to install and can add to your bathroom’s style and beauty with their embellishments. However, they’re more prone to corrosion with long use. Only consider this type of hook if you don’t have a liner since it’s not very sturdy. 

Double Hooks

These hooks are perfect if you want to separate the curtain from the liner. They hang over the rod and have two lips at the two ends, one for the liner and one for the curtain. Look for ones featuring roller balls at the top since these types have lower chances of corrosion.

Roller Balls

Roller balls are innovative options that reduce friction and create a hassle-free glide. They’re small balls attached to the hook where it hangs on the rod. The combination of hooks and rollerballs can give you a sturdy and corrosion-free shower curtain. 

Classic C-Shaped Hooks

These hooks look like rings with an open end. The small ball at one end keeps the curtain from falling. The straightforward set-up involves getting the lower part through the curtain holes and hanging it over the rod.

C-shaped hooks come in different materials like plastic, metal, or strong rubber. They typically don’t offer smooth gliding and cause friction, but they’re cheaper alternatives to corrosion-free options. The best balls are coated with nickel or chrome. Get at least five balls for each curtain to ensure an easy pull. 

The Best Material for Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower curtain hooks are typically made of either plastic or metal. The material determines the durability, corrosion rate, and smooth pulling. Also, depending on your curtain or liner’s weight, you’ll need different material hooks with varying strengths.

Here are some common materials for shower curtain hooks:

Metal Hooks

Besides giving your bathroom a stylish look, metal hooks tend to be sturdier and more resistant to corrosion. And heavy curtains made with linen or velvet need sturdy metal hooks to hold them in place firmly.

Stainless steel is one of the most robust materials featuring a whole range of defenses against humidity. Most importantly, it’s rust-resistant, making it an ideal choice for shower curtains. 

Stainless steel comes with several options for a decorative finish, including chrome or brushed nickel. You can choose the one that best matches your bathroom style—shiny steel or matte brushed nickel. 

Plastic Hooks 

When you buy plastic hooks, you can be sure they’ll never rust. However, they’re not as strong as metal, and you should handle them with more care. So, if you have heavy curtains or your kids tend to pull down on your curtains, it’s better to avoid plastic hooks. 

Plastic hooks are also more reasonably-priced than metal hooks. Plus, they don’t make the screeching noise of two metals rubbing against each other. Less friction also means less corrosion, which is an unavoidable part of pulling shower curtains. And plastic doesn’t rust or corrode. However, they can’t give your bathroom a classy look you get with metal hooks. 

Magnetic Hooks 

Magnetic hooks aren’t very durable, and they’re better as a temporary solution. Some heavy-duty options are strong enough to hold your curtain for a while, but as you keep sliding the curtain, they tend to become loose. What’s more, they’re only suitable if you have a curtain with no liner given the liner’s weight. 

The Best Shower Curtain Hook Looks

There’s a wide range of looks and themes available to go with your bathroom style. 

If you don’t know which color matches your bathroom style, choose a shiny silver hook since silver goes with any bathroom background. Silver and white are the best options for minimalistic atmospheres.

Crystals can give a luxurious feel to your bathroom but can be a little pricey. Braided textures and chrome-plated hooks are also trendy and look elegant and classy. Golden hooks or balls can give your bathroom a regal style.

There’s also a whole range of themes available, from rustic and marine to floral and animals. Choose the ones that match your personality, mood, curtain design, or bathroom theme.

How Many Hooks Should You Get?

Typically, the more you install, the better. Shower curtain hooks normally come in packages of 12 or 24. However, the material and size of your curtain and rod also determine the number. For example, plastic hooks come in larger numbers than thick metal ones.

More often than not, you might get one or two faulty hooks in a package or accidentally break one while installing. So, it’s better to go for larger numbers to avoid the hassle of having to go shopping again.

Before you shop for hooks, get a rough measurement of the rod, and decide on the hooks’ distance. As a rule of thumb, aim for at least one hook every 10 inches (25 cm), but the more hooks you have on the rod, the better your curtain slides.

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Final Thoughts

Finding high-quality shower curtain hooks that stand up to their promises can be difficult. Stainless steel hooks coated with nickel or chrome are best in terms of rust-resistance, while ball rollers allow for smooth slides that don’t make annoying noises you hear with metals clicking.

Double hooks are the best option if you have both a curtain and a liner since they let you change either one without moving the other.

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