Does Copper Stick to a Magnet?

Copper isn't attracted by a magnet because copper is diamagnetic.

Copper is a highly conductive material, meaning it can transfer electricity efficiently. Given the close relationship between electricity and magnetism, you’d be justified in thinking that copper is magnetic. So, does copper stick to a magnet? Copper doesn’t stick to … |READ MORE|

9 Steps to Remove Old Grease From Metal

Removing grease from metal.

Grease can be tough to remove from many surfaces, including metal. But what’s the best way to remove old grease from metal, without scratching or damaging the surface further? While you can quickly do some of the techniques with some … |READ MORE|

How to Strip Paint From Metal Doors

Removing paint from a metal door.

Metal doors have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their aesthetic value, durability, and an increased sense of security. However, a need to repaint these doors or just removing some paint stains can be overwhelming if you aren’t … |READ MORE|