Can You Clear-Coat Over Rust?

Can you clear-coat over rust.

Rust has become an object of interest for many people, who wish to seal and preserve some of the stunning designs created by natural weathering of metal. Yet for those working with old steel/iron surfaces, it is a problem that … |READ MORE|

How to Prevent Rusting

How to prevent rusting.

That orange-brown discoloration that appears on metals (particularly iron and steel) is both destructive and unsightly. The rusting process starts slowly, but as soon as it spreads, it can weaken objects and structures and compromise functionality. That’s why it’s better … |READ MORE|

How to Clean Rusty Coins

Old rusty coins.

Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and is as valuable as collecting and restoring ancient paintings and art. Just like old artifacts, coin collecting also requires restoring old and valuable coins. All coins should be … |READ MORE|